Ken Ryan & Associates is an accredited consultancy with Brisbane City Council’s RiskSMART development assessment program. As one of the select town planning consultancies invited to participate in the RiskSMART pilot program, Ken Ryan & Associates has worked closely with Brisbane City Council (BCC) to refine the assessment, lodgement and approval for RiskSMART since its inception.


Subject to certain criteria prescribed by the BCC, the following development proposals may be eligible for ‘fast track’ assessment under RiskSMART:


The RiskSMART program involves the delegation of development applications considered ‘low risk’ for assessment within the private sector. For RiskSMART eligible applications, Ken Ryan & Associates undertakes a full assessment of the development in accordance with BCC’s codes and policies. The firm also prepares draft approval packages including development conditions. BCC then accepts the recommendations for approval from Ken Ryan & Associates with limited additional assessment or delay.

The result has been significantly reduced assessment development timeframes and greater certainty for developers. BCC has targeted approvals within 5 business days for Code Assessable applications and is consistently meeting these timeframes. For applications requiring public advertising, Ken Ryan & Associates have regularly received approvals within 5 - 10 days of the completion of statutory advertising.

Subject to certain criteria prescribed by BCC, the following development proposals may be eligible for ‘fast track’ assessment under RiskSMART:

  • New Houses and Extensions to Houses in a Demolition Control Precinct
  • Centre Activities in a Centre (e.g. small Shopping Centre extensions)
  • Industry/Warehouse in an Industry Area classification (zone)
  • Reconfiguration of a Lot (10 lots or less) in the Low Density and Low-medium Density Residential Area, including small lots
  • Multi-unit Dwelling (10 units or less)
  • Single Unit Dwellings (10 dwellings or less)
  • Extensions to established schools

Ken Ryan & Associates active participation in BCC's RiskSMART program presents an exciting opportunity to reduce traditional development assessment timeframes and provide greater certainty of outcomes for low risk development applications for our clients.

As accredited consultants of RiskSMART, Ken Ryan & Associates were also involved in the pilot program for electronic lodgement of applications.  Electronic lodgement is now providing greater convenience and reduced timeframes for lodgement and receipt of approvals from Council. 

For further information about the opportunities this program provides for your development proposals, please contact our office.