• Planning legislation, policies and instruments
  • Planning history
  • Site appraisal and assessment for development potential
  • Evaluation of development options
  • Determining planning merits of alternative sites
  • Determining planning prospects for development proposals
  • Formulating appropriate planning and development strategies (general and site specific)
  • Advice on resources and expertise required
  • Advice on procedure for obtaining appropriate approvals and licenses 

Planning Law, Policy and Procedure

  • Advice on new legislation and policy and its implications
  • Representations on new draft regional and local government land use plans and strategies
  • Monitoring of plans, policy and legislation  

Planning Applications

  • Preparation and submission of a wide range of Development Applications
    • Material Change of Use - residential, retail and commercial, industrial, environmentally relevant activities, infrastructure, community facilities and heritage
    • Reconfiguration of an Allotment - industrial, residential including rural residential and small lot
    • Building Works – minor building work requiring development approval under the Planning Scheme
  • Preparation and collation of supporting information
  • Negotiation with planning authorities (State and Local Government Authorities)
  • Participation in assessment and approval of Development Applications via RiskSMART Program - as part of the Regulation Reduction Incentive Fund (RRIF) agreement between the Commonwealth Government and Brisbane City Council.
  • Participation in the recent Logan City Council’s RiskSMART program which currently involves Houses and Shed applications only.  Stage 2 is currently being rolled out and includes Reconfiguration of a Lot (up to 10 lots), Attached Dwellings, Multi-Unit Development and Medium Density Detached Dwellings (up to 10 units) and Dual Occupancy. 

Project Co-ordination

  • Network of contacts with specialist consultants experienced in development assessment
  • Appointment and consultation of other consultants and advisors in related technical and legal fields (e.g. solicitors, barristers, surveyors, architects, designers, ecologists, public notification consultants and environmental, acoustic, hydraulic and civil engineers etc)

Planning Appeals

  • Written representations in support or objection to a development application
  • Acting as expert witnesses (John Taylor is registered on the Panel of Providers for Expert Witnesses for Brisbane City Council and Moreton Bay Regional Council)
  • Advice on refusals and lodging appeals
  • Advice to counsel


  • Advice on reconfiguration proposal plans (residential including small lot and rural residential, single unit dwellings and industrial)
  • Advice on design options frameworks for large area development
  • Preparation of Structure Plans


  • Advice on enforcement and other similar notices
  • Response to investigations and negotiation with the local planning authority
  • Submit lawful development certificates or planning applications as appropriate
  • Submit appeals against enforcement notices served by a local planning authority